Brunch, Brunch, Brunch ( Snooze)

Brunch is like the siren song of my people. I think it’s because they can drink basically in the late morning/early afternoon and keep on all day. I myself don’t do that, I appreciate one or two but that’s all I can handle. I just like the fact I can order breakfast or lunch or both and not have to be at Denny’s or IHOP. My favorite place for brunch in SD is Snooze. There are two locations, one in Hillcrest and one in Del Mar. This past Sunday we went to the one in Del Mar. It’s a nice area, in a strip mall, so there’s stuff to walk around to while you wait for your table. Be advised, unless you get up at the buttcrack of dawn, you will wait for a table… it’s worth the wait.

Start off with one of their mimosas, it’s not your champagne and OJ kind, there’s one with Pama which is my favorite. Or try one of their bloody mary’s , which have just the right amount of spice to them. I tend to be a creature of habit sometimes, especially if I like a particular item on the menu. Saying that, I love the Sandwich I Am. The pretzel bun is delicious and comes out nice and buttery, the sausage has a great bite from the spices they use in it, the eggs are pretty fluffy, and that cheddar hollandaise is something I would fill my tub up with and bathe in. I also, almost always, get the pineapple upside down pancake. I did not on this visit because Andy got the french toast, but the pancake is something you should definitely try. Chunks of pineapple, fluffy pancake batter, cinnamon butter, and vanilla creme anglaise all come together in a symphony of flavors in your mouth that is just awesome. Don’t forget to ask for the flavor of the day of the pancakes, they usually have some really great choices. Plus you can also do flights of pancakes, so you can choose up to 3 and try a few to figure out your favorite.

OMG french toast is what Andy ordered; OMG is right! They come with marscapone whipped cream, salted caramel, toasted coconut, and strawberries. It can be pretty sweet, but so delicious. We split our plates so we both had some of each other and it was the perfect meal. No to my favorite part, the hash browns. I love their hash browns.. Not sure why, but i will eat everyone’s at the table if they don’t finish them. They’re just delicious! My other favorite thing is their benedicts. they usually have 6 or so to choose from, that you can mix and match. Its great, i usually get a Benny Goodman, lox and cream cheese, and the Bella Bella Benny, with prosciutto and taleggio.

They also have lighter fare, which if that’s what you want you might want to choose a different restaurant, cause it’s all about the carbs and fat here…lol. There’s also their Snooze Spuds deluxe, which is fantastic! Its a lot on a plate, the hash browns, eggs( if you’d like), and two fillings of your choice. I usually go with the goat cheese and caramelized onions and pay a little extra for some cheddar hollandaise.

Both locations are family and pet friendly, more so in Del Mar than Hillcrest due to the amount of families in Del Mar. Service can be spotty in both places but I’ve never had a rude server, just a little slow, but that’s due to the amount of business they are doing. The decor is bright and retro modern, just a great vibe to be around. There are a lot of great choices for brunch, some with shorter wait times, but I’m telling you… don’t snooze on Snooze, or else you’ll lose….lol…i just wanted to rhyme.

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