You need to give a cluck about this fried chicken

Recently, Andy had a work trip to Chicago and I definitely wanted to tag along because 1) I’ve never been and 2) their food scene is supposed to be crazy good. I was there for 4 nights and we fit a lot into that time as well as during the day. One day, while I was exploring on my own, I decided to check out a place that the chefs recommended to try while I was there; So off to Parson’s I went. Parson’s is about a 20 minute drive from downtown chicago, which is where we were, in the Logan Square neighborhood. It’s a corner lot and looks just like a little unassuming diner. When you walk in, it is very instagrammable with white walls and splashes of red and white picnic gingham. There are quite a few tables throughout the interior, and they have a huge backyard outdoor space.

I got sat right away and promptly ordered a negroni slushie, because that was what I was told to try there. It was refreshing to have something so cold on such a hot day, even if it was a bit on the grapefruit aggressive side.  I kind of wish I hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning so I would have had more room for food because there were quite a few items on their menu that I would have loved to try. But the thing that jumped out right away was the cheese curd fritters; I mean it’s cheese curds first and then it also has confit garlic and cheddar. They were perfectly fried, still warm, and absolutely heavenly. They were a little potato heavy and I wish there was just a bit more garlic flavor to it, but the buttermilk dipping sauce was just right for it.

I got the fried chicken sandwich for my main meal and the crunch on that was out of this world. It has a great blend of textures, from the crunch of the chicken to the softness of the bun, and flavors, the hot sauce and aioli were just perfect for me ( some may want more heat but not me) and the pickles gave a nice briny taste to each bite. The house made potato chips were crunchy if a bit undersalted. i did not get dessert, even though I wanted to, but they offer pie slices from a local business known as Bang Bang Pies. The flavor being offered that day was key lime, which is one of my favorites, but i was stuffed.

Service was attentive and welcoming as well as knowledgeable. This was a stop I’m glad I made time for and would definitely go back for more.


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